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Justin Sunday

Energetic, creative, and organized analytical thinker effective in working with others to provide exemplary customer service experiences. Flexible and adaptable to meet the requirements of the task at hand; Educationally well-rounded with a variety of work experiences that lend well to diversifying my application of techniques toward outside-the-box problem solving. Experienced in both digital and traditional work environments with excellent organizational skills for both, respectively. Current professional stack: Azure, SQL Server, C#, Angular, Jira, BitBucket, and Confluence. Professional Responsibilities: Front-End development, test development, T-SQL reporting, stored procedures, refreshable excel reports that utilize Power Query, and UI prototyping. Personal programming interests: Python scripting, data science, browser automation for UI Business-Readable Testing, and web-scraping.

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Greenville, SC
Current Position
Systems Analyst
Educational Background
Bachelors Degree